#1 Electro-people

Zimmnel is a large, non aggressive, peaceful planet near the center of Galaxy 5. It is a non-organic planet populated by descendents of the homo-sapiens that used to inhabit the organic based planet Playton. There are no longer any organic homo-sapiens on either Zimmnel or Playton, they are now both inhabited by Electro-people, people with organic brains and electro-mechanical bodies.

When Playton was still inhabited by advanced homo-sapiens, around the year five million four hundred and ninety, they began experimenting with electro-body parts. The first body parts they invented were a mixture of organics and electronics and were rather crude by today’s standards. But it was still a very good beginning and for a time they worked quite well. The first fully functional all Electro-body, the PL300, was developed on Playton in the year five million five thousand thirty-six and the first Homo-Sapiens brain was successfully transferred into a PL300 five years later in five million five hundred forty-one.

Research and development of Electro-bodies had also been going on in Walmatt, Zimmel, and several other advanced-brain planets in this part of the Galaxy. But they were never able to make a successful brain transfer because they were working with mostly synthetic organic body parts. These parts would not hold up under light speed space travel. It was the discovery Zeltex on Zimmel that allowed electro-body parts to be made strong enough to hold up under rigorous space travel conditions. Zimmel is now the main supplier of electro-bodies for the entire Galaxy.

Most advanced planets use only the Z501 Zemmnel electro-body for their transfers. The Z501 looks and functions like an organic body in almost every way. It is essential because to function properly all connections must correspond to the original organic body. In spite of the development of the Nefron 703 on planet Tricksen, which overrides most of the organic body functions, the Z501 is still the most used brain container by far. There are still so many organic-based planets in this part of the Galaxy, with organic people inhabiting them, that the Z501 remains the electro-body of choice. Electro-people still have to commingle with organic-body people in order to do business so the Z501 with its organic features like arms, legs, hands and fingers, will probably remain popular until sometime in the future when all planets evolve to the Electron-age.

Another feature that makes the Z501 cost effective is the fact that it will keep an organic brain functioning, with good efficiency and low maintenance, for up to three hundred years. Organic bodies only last about half that long. The oldest known organic body lasted one hundred and fifty years. But it started to malfunction when it reached one hundred and twenty five years. Brains in organic bodies don’t function very well in the first place, there are too many disease prone body parts that distract the brain’s ability to think and concentrate properly. The Center for Electro-Body Research has been working on a new version of the Z501, the Z 800, which is suppose to last up to four hundred years but as yet they have nothing to show for twenty years of research and millions of Yebs spent.

Originally the brain was transferred from its organic body into an electro-body after it had been allowed to develop in the organic body for about twenty years. Early scientists believed that it took that long for the brain to develop and mature properly. That is not the case anymore. Since the development of new DNA technology, organic brains are now grown in the laboratory and they have no need to be nurtured in an organic-body. Brains are grown in the lab and then transferred directly into an Electro-body. Gender also used to be an issue. At one time female brains were transferred into female-like electro-bodies and the males in male-like electro-bodies. But that practice didn’t last long. Scientists soon found that there was no difference in efficiency or power between male and female brains.

Outside the scientific community however there is still some debate. Some feel that the male brain functions better in matters of war and other forms of aggressive posturing than does the female brain. There are those who believe that in spite of all the advances made in the area of body and brain technology, the brain still clings to its evolutionary past and that many of the Homo-sapiens traits still remain lodged deep in the DNA of the brain. For that reason, though gender is no longer a scientific issue, brain transfer records still show the gender of the DNA donor.

One thing everyone agrees on. The brain becomes twice as intelligent in an electro-body as it ever could in an organic-body. In an electro-body more of the intelligence beams that travel with the Life Energizing Beams or LEB as it is referred to, are absorbed into the brain when it is not incased within a skull. It was this higher intelligence that allowed the LEB theory to develop.

The LEB theory gave new credence to the Darwin evolution theory which had fallen out of favor after a revival in the middle homo-sapiens age. The LEB theory was developed not long after the first mass transfer of Homo-sapiens brains into Z501 electro-bodies. Once a certain level of intelligence was reached by the masses the old homo-sapiens God belief system, which violently opposed the Darwin theory, began to crumble. The belief that one’s body and soul was created in the image of an all knowing all seeing God was no longer credible. It falls short of reality when one knows that one’s electro-body was developed and engineered on the planet Zemmnil. It became common knowledge that God did not exist. One could tour the Electro-body factory on Zemmnil if one needed proof.

For the Electro-people the religious homo-sapiens based theory of one God has been replaced with the LEB theory. The LEB theory in essence is the theory that life is stimulated in all organic matter by certain life energizing beams that permeate the universe. These beams are similar to gravity, that is, they are only made manifest when they come in contact with organic matter. Therefore life is created and defined by these life energizing beams All that is needed to experience life is to have a brain, no body required.

Because no one has yet to define just where these beams originate it has given rise once again to a God driven theory about life in the universe. There are currently two theories, - one is science based, one is religious based. The science based LEBers believe that science will one day provide an answer as to where these beams originate. The religious based LEBers, called Godforce Believers, believe that God is the source of these beams and no further investigation is necessary.

While that argument goes on within the electro-people community the traditional organic based belief system of a single God responsible for it all is still alive within the homo-sapiens community. God is not dead in this Galexy. There are still many organic based planets within light speed travel range of Zimmnil that are in the early phase of development. Some of these planets, such as Fignon, Ute and Flecton, have populations of homo-sapiens that still believe in the all knowing all seeing one God religious theory. And their ranks are still growing. The homo-Neanderthals in the Galaxy, who at the moment have no belief system at all, will one day evolve to the point of embracing this organic based belief system. It’s a natural organic progression. Its evolution.

There are also those planets whose people are on the cusp, that is, they are advanced organic homo-sapiens with a brain size of almost 2500 centimeters. They are almost ready to become electro-people. It is these people that the Godforce LEB theory electro-people are working on. They want to convert them to their belief about the origin of the Life Energizing Beams before they become too enamored with the science that produced the electro-body. They send missionaries throughout the Galaxy in the hopes of converting these advanced homo-sapiens, soon to be electro-body people, into believing their Godforce theory. LEB science people tolerate the Godforce people and think of them more as a nuisance than a threat to science or the peace and stability of the Galaxy.

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