#14 The Non-believer

"Please tell me more about this heaven. You say you will actually be their physically, do you mean you will look like you do right now, with the same body and everything?"

"Sure. I will still be me, cept I'll be with God." "And how about your father and mother, will they be there too?" "Sure, even my grandmother and grandfather...and my brothers and sisters and uncles, aunts, cousins, everybody who has been good will be there, even my little brother who died when he was still a baby." "Will they look the same as they did here on Ob?" "Naturally, they will be just as they were here on Ob." "I see. Perhaps you can tell me then how your baby brother will look." "He will look the same, he will be a baby." "You mean he will have to spend eternity as a baby? That doesn't sound like much fun."

"What?...well, hummm, I suppose he,.. well, I don't know how that works. I'll have to ask my priest." "And how about you? What if you don't die until you are very old and sick, is that how you will be in heaven?" "Oh no..... I'll have my healthy body back just like it was." "You mean just as it is now or just as it was when you were younger? Will you get to choose?" "I'll ask my priest."

Just then Zeon arrived with the new Universal-vision part. "What took you so long?" asked Zelton. Not waiting for an answer he began to install the new electro-panel. After the panel was installed Zelton turned on the set and waited for an image to appear. It worked, but it was a little fuzzy. Zelton said he would have to go outside and adjust the antenna. When he left Zeon turned to Kenom and said, "Sorry it took so long, but they were working on the tunnel and I had to wait a while for them to fix it." "That's quite alright," replied Kenom, "I had a nice chat with Zelton."

"Did he go into all his religious stuff with you? He drives me crazy with his preaching." "Well, as a matter of fact he did, but I didn't mind, his views are rather fun to listen to. I take it you are not a "God believer" like him." “Nope." replied Zeon, "and Zelton knows that too, I've made that clear. He leaves me alone. He's a native Ob'er, did he tell you that?" "Yes he did. Are you?" "Hell no, I was born on Fleckton and I'm going back just as soon as my tour of duty is up, in about three month-marks. This place is too corrupt for me." "Oh really, how's that?" asked Kenom.

"Well, did you meet Flextmaster Tsubo and Flexmaster Flyn yet?” "Yes we did." answered Kenom, “as a matter of fact we just returned from Patrol dome #4 when we met you and Zelton on the platform. We had been visiting Flexmaster Tsubo’s art gallery - which I liked very much. I even presented him with two abstract paintings as gifts that I brought from Zimmnil to add to his collection. Zelton chuckled and rolled his eyes. I’m sure they were so very grateful that they were bowing and gesturing their respect and gratitude, right?" Kenom was a little taken aback though he tried to hide his surprise, “Go on," he said.

"Well the fact is, ninety percent of them hate you Zimtellions. They can't stand you. They envy your technology, but they think you guys are a bunch of robots. They think there must be something wrong with your gene pool, cause you all look alike. Maybe not Tjubo, he's one of the best master up here, he's a pretty good guy. Most Zimmies like him. But as for his Fleclords they’re bunch of hypocrites. I’ll bet your paintings end up in their “Friendship gallery” which is a dark room in the basement.

Myself, I have no problem with Zimtellions. I spend most of my time working in central-dome and the Zimmies that I deal with are pretty good guys. But those numb-heads up there in the patrol-domes, the ones who man thosee space guns, they are something else. They don't talk to anybody." "Well," said Kenom, "the Zimtellions who get assigned to the "space guns" are all very electronic minded and they seldom even talk to other Zimtellions. I can assure you that Zimtel patrolmen have no bad feelings toward any Flecktons. This is just a duty assignment and we all do our best to put in our time and go home."

"Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't mean that we don't want you here, the Friggnons would be all over us if it weren't for you guys and your space guns. It's just that back on Fleckton we have a lot of problems, you know, like poverty and such, and when I see how much money these Fleck-masters and Fleck-lords spend on their elaborate parties and their fancy gold decorated domes, I get furious." "I am sorry to hear that, I am afraid I know very little about Fleckton." said Kenom. "No, no, I'm the one who should be sorry, I shouldn't have said anything." "That's quite alright," said Kenom, "it is good to be concerned about your planet and your people. It is very commendable."

Just then Zelton returned. "OK, that should do it," he said as he adjusted the set. "You can get all the channels now." "Thank you, that looks fine," replied Kenom. "I can fix it so you can't get the Plutons Godforce channel if ya want said Zelton, two can play their game." "No, that won't be necessary, said Kenom, I might just want to see what they have to say." "Well, OK, but it ain't worth watching, I'll tell you right now. It's just a bunch of crap. Anyway, we've got to go. Let us know if you have any more trouble." "I will." replied Kenom, and thank you kindly for your help“.

As they were leaving Zelton pulled a small pamphlet from his pocket and handed it to Kenom, "Here," he said, "this will tell you a little more about God and Eenon, you know, what they said." "Thank you," said Kenom, "I'll look it over." Zeon rolled his eyes as they turned and left.

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