#23 Enlightened Mr. Wo

Book of OB June 25, 2009

When they returned to the mini-dome Enew checked the text transfer recorder. “There is a message for you on the text transfer from Major Finon that says "urgent." Kenom went to the message transfer and pulled up the message. It read as follows; "Patrolman Kenom, please come to my office as soon as possible, Major Finon." Kenom said, "I wonder what this is about? I'd better get right over." Enew said, "I'm coming too, I don't want to miss out on any more of your adventures." "Alright," said Kenom, "let's go."

They arrived at Major Finon's office in record time; they went by tunnel #4, as it was clear. They were escorted into Major Finon's office by one of the duty patrolmen. "Your message said urgent," said Kenom, "so we came as fast as we could." "Thank you for coming Patrolman Kenom," said Major Finon, “Commander Finloy has been called away to planet Flexton for a war council meeting and he left me in charge until his return.. He then looked at Enew and hesitated for a moment as if to say that the business at hand was for Kenom only. Kenom picked up on that and said, "Whatever you have to say to me you can say to my friend Patrolman Enew, we are inseparable." Enew felt a tinge of pride when he heard Kenom's words. "As you wish," said Major Finon, "I suppose this business will affect him too."

"Two hour-marks ago a space ship from planet Glickron was on its way to planet Clohen when it developed thrust problems, it had to make an emergency landing here on Ob. It's down in space port #2." "I see," said Kenom. Major Finon continued, "It may take a few day-marks to get the parts from Glickron, we have sent a request for the parts already. But here is the problem, There is a rather special passenger on board,... his name is Enlightened Master Wo." "Enlightened Master Wo?" asked Kenom. "Yes." said Finon. "He is a highly esteemed enlightened master from planet Ute. He is well respected in this part of the Galaxy.” "But how is that a problem?" queried Kenom. "The problem is, Master Wo, because of his enlightened thinking, has many enemies as well as admires. Many religious sects feel threatened by his influence, the organic God believers, and the electro people's Godforce believers among them." You understand how that is." "Indeed I do." said Kenom, "So what is it you would like me to do?"

"Well, I was hoping that you would take Master Wo out to your Mini-dome as your guest for a few days while we repair the space craft. I believe that with all the Fleckton God believers in the compound, and the Godforce Plutons here in Central dome, it would be best if his presents here in the dome were kept quite. We wouldn't want any problems of a religious nature to arise." "I see your point," said Kenom. Kenom turned to Enew, who gave more or less an affirmative shrug, then said to Major Finon, "We would be most happy to have Master Wo as our guest." "Good," said Major Finon, "I was sure I could count on you."

"We have managed to keep Master Wo on board the space craft by telling him that the repairs would only take a few hour-marks. What you need to do is to go down to port #2, where the space craft is docked, and tell Master Wo that you are a Priority Patrolman and that you would like him to be your guest." "What if he doesn't want to go?" asked Enew. "He knows the authority of a priority Patrolman," said Major Finon, "when Kenom shows him his priority orders he will go, he wouldn't cause a scene." "Very well," said Kenom, "we will go directly to space port #2 now."

"Thank you," said the major,....and by the way, I have made arrangements to have an "organic life support package" delivered to your dome. Master Wo is an organic, so he will need organic substance while he is visiting you, the support package comes with organic food and all the rest of the things organics need." "Very good major, we are on our way".

Enew whispered to Kenom on the way out, "A bit presumptuous of the major to anticipate our answer beforehand, and order that organic package sent to our dome, don't you think." Kenom said nothing.

The Glicktron space craft was in dock bay #5 on the east side of the port #2. Enew pulled the module up to the loading portal so it could be lifted up to the craft's main door. "I'll go back and set up the organic life support package," said Enew, "I'll see meet you back at the Mini-dome." "Good idea." said Kenom. Kenom signaled the duty patrolman to lift his module up to the craft's door. When it stopped, he opened the door and entered to find the space craft empty. Then, far back in the last row, he saw a man sitting all alone. He walked back to his seat and said, "By any chance do you happen to be Master Wo?" "Yes," was the reply, "I am Wo." "My name is Patrolman Kenom, from Mini-dome C, I was sent at the request of Major Finon." Wo said nothing.

Kenom continued, "I am afraid that the repairs to this craft will take a little longer then had been expected..... it could be as long as two day-marks." Wo said nothing. "Major Finon was thinking that, perhaps, you would do me the honor of staying at my dome while the craft was being repaired." Wo said nothing. "My dome is on the perimeter..... he felt that it would be more quite for you out there then in the Central Dome." Kenom was trying to fill the silence with words because he was unnerved by master Wo's silence. " ....the Central Dome can be quite noisy at times. I also have a rather nice view of Ob,... being so far out...." his voice trailed off as he could see Master Wo was not responding. There was a few more moments of awkwardness for Kenom, then Wo spoke. "It would be my pleasure," he said. "Oh.. good." said Kenom, trying to hide his relief.

They entered the module, were lowered down, and detached from the lift. Kenom waved to the duty patrolman who was maneuvering his module. He decided to take the perimeter route in order to avoid running into any Fleckton's who might be hanging around the transfer stations at the patrol domes. He was also hoping to give Enew time to set up the organic life support package back at the Mini-dome. We'll take the perimeter route, said Kenom, it is a little more scenic. There are some port holes where you can view Ob as we go by. Wo just nodded.

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