#13 The Believer 2

The Flextoid was starting to get a little animated, it was obvious he was still in the God based belief system and the competition from another religion was disrupting his thinking patterns. "All us Flecktons who believe in him will go to be with him in heaven when we die. It will be wonderful! And anybody who doesn’t believe will be in hell with all those Plutons!" "I see," said Kenom. "Where exactly is this heaven?" "It is out there in space, that's where... and it is a wonderful place too, full of all sorts of neat things, streets of gold and things like that.”Why would you need streets," asked Kenom, "are there modules there?" "Well,...I guess so,...sure, how else would you get around." "And who repairs the rails, the Vertons?" "Why are you asking me all these questions?....how should I know. Our preachers tell us that's how it is, and we believe them...the modules probably never break down, cause everything is perfect in heaven." "Please forgive me for asking you such foolish questions, I'm sure your priests are right about this, but, being from Zimtel, I am quite ignorant on these matters. Perhaps you could help enlighten me, please tell me more about your God."

"Well, OK," said Zelton, "this is how it is. God, who created everything,- the entire universe, created Fleckton and made it special. Then he rested for a while, after that, seeing that Flecton was his best planet, he created Flecktons, in his image, to live there. He put life, that is, us Flecktons, on this good planet he created." "I see, so then God is a Fleckton, is that right?" interrupted Kenom. "No, no, said Zelton, we Flecktons just look like him, but he is much more perfect and powerful then we are. We are scum. We don't get to be like him till we die." "I see, said Kenom, "please go on."

"Well, after he created us Flecktons, rather than us being good like we should have been, we just made a mess of things. We got all screwed up, you know, we got all corrupted and started being bad and were doing bad things to one another, kind of like what the Figgnons are doing to us, you know, fighting and stuff like that. God didn't like that one bit; he wanted us to be good. So what he did was he had himself a son born on Fleckton. He was called Eenon. His son was supposed to tell us Flecktons how bad we were being so we could change and be good like God wanted us to be." "Well that makes sense." replied Kenom. "Yea, but Eenon didn't live very long, cause those early Flecktons were really bad, they killed him off right away. Can you believe that? Here God has a son born on Fleckton, and the Flecktons go right out and kill him dead. It’s no wondering God hates us."

"Does God hate you personally," asked Kenom. "Well, kind of....because, I am still a Fleckton, even if I was born here on Ob. My priest says all Flecktons are bad, unless they believe in God and try to be good. God hates anybody who is bad and doesn't believe in him, not just us Flecktons. Maybe not you Zimtellions, I don't know what he thinks about you guys, you all seem to be pretty good to me, but then I ain't God. Maybe you'all are doing something bad on Zinmmel." "That could very well be," said Kenom, "but please, continue; I find this all very interesting."

"How do you know what is good and what is bad if Eenon was killed off so quickly?" "Oh, he wasn't killed off that fast. He lived for about thirty years." "I see, well then he had lots of time to write everything down for you, like what was good and what was bad." "No, not exactly, and that's the funny thing about it. He never wrote anything down, not one sentence. As a matter of fact he didn't tell anybody who he really was till they were ready to kill him." "You mean to say God had a son born on Fleckton in order to tell you how to be good, and his son didn't say anything until you were about to kill him? That does seem strange. How do you know then that he was really the son of your God?" "His friends said he was, and they wrote everything down after he was dead, that's how we know."

"Oh, I see. It was God's son's friends then who told you what was good and what was bad, not God's son himself? Is that what you're saying?" asked Kenom, "It was the early Fleckmen who told you that Eenon was God's son and what you must do to be good. But how about the Cortons and the Clohens and the Plutons? I mean what you Fleckmen do might be good for you, but it doesn't seem like it would be necessarily good for the Plutons or the Clohens or the Cortons, am I right? Has anyone from Fleckton been to these planets to find out what they think is good or bad? or is there just one kind of good,-Fleckton good."

"The only good is what God told us Fleckmen was good" "Has God ever told you personally what is good?" "Well not me personally, -he and his son just told some of the early people." "I see. Did he talk to them?" "Yea sure. He talked to a lot of the early people, and they wrote it all down,...lucky for us. It's all written down in God's book." "God's book?" asked Kenom. "As neither God nor his son wrote anything down, you must mean the book written by the early people." "Well, yea...but it's still God's book." "Have you read it?" "Yea, most of it." "What does it say?" "Well, I don't really understand a lot of it, but our priests do. They tell us what it says and what it means. They interpret God's book for us so we don't get it wrong."

"Does God's book tell you what is wrong and right?" "Kind of, but we need the priests to tell us exactly what to do or not do to please God... and, of course if we please him we get to go to heaven when we die and live right there next to him, forever in eternity."

"I see," said Kenom, "sort of like me sitting with the Commander over in Central dome." "Yea, kind of." "That will have to be a rather large table don't you think, if all two billion of you Flecktons are there, not to mention all the Cortons and Clohens. There will probably be some people from all the other planets in the universe there as well. It may be hard for you, personally, to actually get a chair next to him."

“Well, God will work it out somehow," said Zelton, "our priests say he can do anything." "Hummm, I'm sure he will," said Kenom.

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