#5 Tunnel Building Vertons - God-force Plutons

Interesting enough the first domes on OB were built by electro-people from the planet Vertron, They sent an expedition to OB looking for Ormealan a substance found on some organic-based planets that is used as a rocket propellant. They built a series of domes and underground tunnels for their mining operations. But there wasn’t much Ormealan on OB and when it ran out they dismantled their domes and moved their mining operation elsewhere. They left one small dome and a small contingent of low LEBers to do the cleanup work. They had planned to come back for them in about three years.

However, in the mean time, Verton was invaded by the Cleenons and a forty year war ensued. Eventually the Cleenons were defeated. But not before the Vertons had lost their ability for interplanetary travel and communication. That left the Vreties on OB stranded. Before they could be rescued the Vertons had rebuild their planet infrastructure, which had been completely destroyed.

Because they were unaware of the war that had taken place on their home planet, the Verties assumed they were to remain on OB for some strategic reason. They had no way to leave the planet and their communication equipment had long since stopped working, so they had no choice but to stay put and wait it out. They said nothing about their earlier mining operations when the Zimmnil advanced war dome exploration team arrived. They were afraid they might be giving away vital secrets.

They did not object or complain about the war dome that the Zimmnilions wanted to build and even offered to work on the project in exchange for much needed electro-body parts and support equipment. The Zimmnilions just assumed that these Verties were a breakaway group of Electro-people looking for a simple life on a small organic planet so they decided to put them to work.

They were used, because of their knowledge of tunnel building, to help build the War Dome connecting tunnels. After the dome was built they were kept on to maintain the underground rail shuttle system. However, they were not allowed to co-mingle with the other inhabitants of the dome. There was a fear that because they had been so isolated for so long they may not understand the need for the Patrol Dome protocol about co-mingling with Homo-sapiens.

As the Flextons had the responsibility of ordering, storing, and distributing tunnel maintenance and shuttle supplies, the Zimmnil Patrol command had to be careful about how this was handled. So as a precaution, when the domes were completed the Verties were all vulcanized with Zimtex electro-body coverings before the first contingent of homo-sapiens from Flexton arrived. The Verties were also confined to their small maintenance dome and ordered to keep a low profile when working in the tunnels or on the shuttles. They were also given special uniforms with numbers on them so that they could be easily identified. They were in a sense treated like prisoners, but what could they do; they had no choice but to comply.

Another small group of Electro-people who were also closely watched were the God-force believers from planet Pluton. After the war dome was up and running, with a full contingent of patrolmen and Fleckies, The Center for Galexay Control allowed the Plutons to build a small Relig-O-Dome on the first floor of the Central Dome. The Plutons are missionaries hoping to convert the Galaxy’s organic bodied homo-sapiens, the Flextons in this case, to their God-force belief before their brains reach the 2,500 cm size, which is the size when the brain is ready for transfer into an electro-body. They need to get them to understand and accept the Life Energizing Beam theory and that their bodies are only holding them back from obtaining true knowledge of the universe. Once they accept that then it is just a matter of weaning them off the notion that God is an organic man with a beard in a white robe. Once they understand that God is the creator of the life force then they can accept the notion of electro-bodies much easier.

Of course, with a brain size of 2,500 cm one is not easily fooled. The science and technology that goes into the electro-body process, and the deep space travel that it allows, tends to make the notion of an all seeing all knowing Supreme Being rather farfetched. With so much life in the universe, with all its diversity and uniqueness, to think that one species or another is special or chosen by some unknown, unseen God is to stretch common sense well beyond its limit. But the universe has always had zealots, and zealots will always be zealots no matter how unreasonable their cause.

The Plutons are believers and as believers they feel it their duty and obligation to convert the God believing Homo-sapiens to their God-force belief before they are seduced by science and technology. To help with this they have a Universal Vision tele-view program that runs all day, all night, every day of the year. It broadcasts their God-force message constantly and can be picked up on Tele-view receivers throughout the dome complex. Most Flexies are bored with the program’s constant preaching so they seldom tune in.

However, in spite of what some believe to be a boring simplistic message, the Pluton God-Force believers do have many followers in the Galaxy, including some followers on OB. They promote and support themselves through Universal Vision Tele-view programs and disc-recordings of popular sermons which they sell by the millions in domes across the Galaxy.

As noted earlier, the Plutons and their God-force Relig-O-Domes are tolerated because they pose no real threat to the peace and stability of the Galaxy. Electro people have enough brain capacity to make rational judgments about the validity of the God-force theory on their own without the Center for Galaxy Control dictating what or what not to believe. However, when they set up their Relig-O-Domes in a War Dome complex they are required to adhere to the compounds rules and regulations and obey the dome commander. They are also required to wear distinctive robes to distinguish themselves from the general population of Zimmnilions. It is important that everyone in the dome know at a glance who is a God-force believer from Pluton and who is from Zimmnil. For the most part however, the Plutons stay within their dome and are content to do their preaching through the Tele-view broadcasts.

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