#28 Blast Investigation

After leaving the Relig-O-Dome Kenom found Enew who told him, "I talked to the Flecktons who were here in the game room and they knew nothing about the blast. The rest of the Flextons that were here were all at the far end of the dome, gathering up some party supplies for dome #5, when the blast went off. That was confirmed by the Zimtel patrolman who was on duty. I have all their names though, just in case you want to talk to any of them. They weren't at all concerned about the Plutons, they don't like them one bit. It's a religious thing." "Yes," said Kenom, "this incident is beginning to smell of religious intolerance. I should make a report to Major Finon so he knows what we have found out."

Kenom dialed Major Finon on the voice transfer, "Hello major, this is Patrolman Kenom, I have some news for you. I was right; it was an Electro blaster cap that went off down here. It seems as though the blaster was dropped from the ceiling catwalk. It made a lot of noise and there was a lot of smoke but it caused no real damage. I talked to Priest Leader Scott, and the Plutons are all fine. Priest leader Scott indicated he would prefer that we drop the investigation...........Yes that's what I told him. Who is in charge of the Flecktmen here on level #1? ...FlectLord Blanden? Good, I will find out who has access to those catwalks. Yes, ... Yes,... fine, thank you major." "Ok, Enew let's go have a talk with Flecktoid Blanden."

FleckLord Blanden was in his office at the far end of the dome. Kenom introduced himself and went in. FlectLors Blanden looked like a career bureaucrat, he was sitting behind a desk, full of papers and forms, all indications he was a low LEBer. "FleckLord Blanden," said Kenom, "I understand that you are in charge of the maintenance men who work here in central dome, is that right?" "Yes it is," said Blanden,"but we only take care of the dome maintenance, we don't touch the battle equipment." "Yes I understand that," said Kenom, "can you tell me who was on duty today?" "Yes of course," said Blanden, "I hope you don't think we had anything to do with that blast, it was terrible!" "I'm sure you didn't," said Kenom, "but we have to check every lead." "I understand," said Blanden. "Let's see,..... there were three maintenance men working today, ... Fleckman, Lang, Dommer, and Shimm." "Where are they now?" asked Kenom. "I'll send for them." said Blanden, which he did.

Fleckman Lang and Dommer were escorted into a small room next to Blanden''s office where Kenom talked to them. "I understand you were on duty in the main dome today," said Kenom, "What was your duty assignment?" "I was in the lift," said Lang, "I had to reset some panels that had come loose. I was in there all day." "I was in the storage room," said Dommer, "I had to get some party supplies for dome #3." "I see said," Kenom, "and how about Flecktoid Shimm?" "Shimm was supposed to change some lighting above the control panel on unit 3, but he wasn't at work today. Dome #3 sent a replacement, a guy named Zelton." Kenom looked over at Enew and thought, BINGO! "Do you know where this Zelton is now?" asked Kenom. "Yea, I think he went back to dome #5. I haven’t seen him since this morning." "Well, thank you gentlemen, you have been most helpful." said Kenom. After they left, Kenom thanked Flecktoid Blanden, and he and Enew got into their module and headed for Dome #5.

On the way Enew said to Kenom, "I think we've got our man, don't you?" "He certainly is our number one suspect.” said Kenom, "It will be interesting to hear what he has to say." As they entered Dome #3, Kenom reached into his pocket to be sure he still had his priority orders. Kenom asked to see the FleckMaster of the dome. They were escorted to his office. "Master Teems, Patrolmen Kenom and Enew to see you." said the lord that had escorted them. "Patrolman Kenom," said Master Teems, "what a pleasure to meet you. Master Tjubo has spoken of you, in glowing terms I might add." "Thank you master Teems," said Kenom, "it is a pleasure to meet you." "What brings you to our humble dome?" asked Master Teems

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