# 2 War Domes

Peace and stability is very important to the advancement of science and technology. So as a deterrent to anything that might threaten the peace and stability in the Galaxy, the Center for Galaxy Control built a series of “War Deterrent Domes” that they scattered here and there on small terrestrial satellite planets within reach of Zimmnil, small planets like OB and Lectroy. These planets are mostly small organic based planets, populated with primitive animal species like homo- erectus and homo-Neanderthals whose brain size seldom ever exceeds 1000 centimeters. The War Deterrent Domes were usually placed in remote areas high in the mountains of these planets. They have a low profile so they more or less blend in with the surroundings. Native organic lives on these planets seldom ever know that these Patrol Domes are there.

Most War Deterrent Domes were built back in year-mark five million three thousand ten. That’s when the organic-based planet Fignon had a large population of homo-sapiens with a brain size of around 1800 cm. They had developed sufficient technology to travel in near space so they began plundering weaker neighboring planets for natural resources. This caused a lot of instability around the Galaxy. It wasn’t a constant year around problem however because the Fignons were superstitious and they decided it was only safe to venture out into space when the planets Zipton and Delfon and their three moons aligned with the planet Orkson. They called it “War Season” and it lasted about three months. But still, it was unsettling to the entire Galaxy when the Fignons were out doing their warring and pillaging.

Zimmnil was far out of the reach of these primitive space travelers so the planet was not threatened. However, in order to keep peace and stability in the Galaxy, the Center for Galaxy Control made an war alliance with all the small organic-based planets that were within reach of the Fignons. They offered to build a number of War Deterrent Domes on or near their planets for protection. The deal was that the organic-based planets had to pay the cost of building these war domes plus provide sufficient funds and personal for all the maintenance and upkeep. The Zemmnils would supply the technology and a small contingent of about four hundred patrolmen to operate the blasters-guns and other sophisticated technical equipment in these war domes.

So each year since that arrangement was reached, when War Season rolls around, a small contingent of about three-hundred and fifty or so Patrolmen are assigned to go to each of these small planet outposts to augment the fifty Patrolmen who are permanently stationed there. Its not a dangerous assignment because any fighting that’s left to do in the Galaxy is mostly done by regular army units. Planet Patrolmen are more like part of the diplomatic core in that they are mostly there to foster better relations between organics and electro-people. The Regular Army does all the real fighting and peace keeping from Mobil Space Platforms. The old war Domes are no longer capable of any serious Galaxy protection because the equipment is so old and obsolete. That’s why most of the old War Domes, like the War Dome on planet OB have been downgraded to Planet Patrol Stations.

These War Domes serve no useful purpose anymore but it would cost more to dismantle them than it does to keep them going. They’re rather big and full of what is now known to be toxic material. It has been determined that this toxic material should not be disturbed so they can’t tear them down. And you can’t just walk away from these things anymore either, you have to clean up after yourself. Its Galaxy law.

To the Zimmniltons the War Domes have become a waste of resources. They serve no useful purpose. But to the organic based planets that they are supposed to be protecting the War Domes are considered vital to their survival. Last year alone the War Consul on planet Flekton appropriated seventeen million Yebs for the Patrol Dome on OB. They tax the masses and tell them that it is for the continuing battle against the rogue Fignons. The masses on the planet don’t know that planet Fignon is no longer a threat and that the money is spent on space travel and high living for a few well connected Flextons. The governments on these organic based planets keep their homo-sapiens masses controlled by fear, and what is more fearful than the threat of an invasion.

All the money they spend on these Patrol Domes goes to those with influence and connections. The Zimmnilelians tolerate this petty corruption because it is saving them the cost and trouble of dismantling these structures. They don’t say anything to the Flextons or the Playtons no matter what they do to these old obsolete war domes.

For example, the War Dome on Lectroy has become more or less an entertainment compound. It’s lost any pretence of being a front line military post several years ago when Playton installed a bunch of advanced electronic gadgets, computer games, spas, gyms and things of that nature there. They also brought in enough alcohol to keep any sailor drunk for a millennium. The domes are full of middle class homo-sapiens from Playtons who love to party and carry on. As for the Zimmnil patrolmen, it attracts mostly the low LEB count Zimmnilian patrolmen who use it as a way to serve their military obligations without risking anything more than a bad hangover.

The Patrol Dome on OB is a different matter. High-LEB count intellectual Flextons have taken over that dome. There are still some lowered middle class career warrior Flextons there too, but as they retire they are being replaced with more sensitive and peace loving Flextons. As for Zimminilian patrolmen it has become more of a duty station for the higher LEB count, well connected electro-men who are looking to advance some business opportunity or political career.

One such a man was Kenom Ornan. His DNA father, Kebo Ornan, head of the Political Readjustment Dept. or PRD, on Zimmnil, and also Ambassador to the planet Zentow, has high political hopes for is son. Kenom had already served his required military time on Zimmnil. He spent five months as an intern working with his father at the PRD. But now that Kenom was intent on entering politics his DNA father insisted that he serve “real time” in the military as a Patrolman. To be a politician it is almost a requirement that one spend time in the military, “defending the great planet Zimmnil with one’s life”. Setting two months in an electronic cubical watching a computer screen was not considered “putting one’s life at risk.” It doesn’t matter that the only risk Kenom was taking by going to the Patrol Dome on OB was the risk of being bored to death. Hypocrisy is as resilient as a cockroach.

Politics being politics Kenom was resigned to spending a few months on OB as a Planet Patrolman to please his father and advance his political career. In order to make the stay halfway tolerable Kenom talked his lifelong friend Enew into joining him. Enew had also already served his military obligation time but felt obligated to Kenom and his father. It was Kenom’s father who arranged for him to serve his time at the PDR with Kenom. They shared the same electro-cubicle.

Enew was working at the Brain Transfer Unit in Kimor Provence, sector 18, unit 13. Before that he was a Loan Recall Agent at the Monetary Retraction Unit in the Department of Finance. He was used to boredom and being away on another planet for awhile seemed like a good deal to him. Besides, he knew that Kenom was going places and he didn’t want to be left behind.

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