#8 Unpacking in the Mini-dome

As Kenom and Enew began to unpack and settle in a voice transfer message came in from the Flekmaster over in Dome #4. It was an invitation to a welcoming party being held that evening in their honor. It seems that word had already gotten out that a High LEB Patrolman who was also son of an Ambassador was staying in Mini-Dome “C” and that it was an occasion for some networking. Dome politics was already beginning to show its nasty head.

Kenom found out by reading the Protocol and Dome Management Manual that the Flekmaster in Patrol-dome 4 was named Tsubo Aseem. The manual said nothing more about him. He decided he had better run a brain size and LEB count check on him. Perhaps with a little more information he could better gage the meaning of such an quick invite. This would mean a trip to Central Dome where he would have access to the main computer system.

So, as a stalling tactic, Kenom answered the invitation with a message saying that before they could attend any dome functions he and Enew first had to report to the Dome Commander and brief him on some important Zimmnil matters. He had a meeting scheduled with him in the morning. This might busy him for a few days, but after that he would inform him as to when they would be available for a social visit.

Meanwhile Knew was testing the Universal-vision monitor to see if he could bring in some inter-planet broadcast that he had never seen before. However, he was having a bit of trouble. It seems that the only channel he could receive was the Pluton’s God-force channel, which he thought was rather strange. There must be thousands of broadcast channels in this part of the Galaxy, so it must be some problem with the antenna. Kenom suggested that he take it up with Flexmaster Tsubo when they met, as the Flextons are responsible for dome maintenance.

While discussing the matter they were interrupted by another voice transfer message from dome 4. It was suggested that on their way to the Central dome to meet the Commander a brief informal meeting be held on the shuttle transfer platform. Just a quick introduction - nothing more. It seems that the whole dome by now knew of a High LEB Patrolman out in Mini-dome C and it was imperative that one be the first Flextmaster to greet him. Kenom felt he had no choice but to agree. It would not be prudent to offend a Flexmaster so soon upon arrival. So a time was set to meet the following day.

Kenom and Enew shut down early that evening as their brains had been functioning for quite a long period of time. Kenom wanted to be fresh for his meeting with the Dome Commander. When they come on line again it was time to board the mini shuttle and head out for dome 4. Enew made one last check on the vision monitor to see if it was still stuck on the God-force channel. It was. He was upset and he was going to mention it to Flexmaster Tsubo. He was not pleased at how incompetent these homo-sapiens were when it came to doing anything other than socialize and party.

As the mini-shuttle pulled into the transfer station they could see Flexmaster Tsubo attended by a small contingent Flexlords waiting on the platform. Kenom and Enew disembarked and walked up to meet him and his accompanying entourage. As introductions were being made a few Flextoids could be seen peeking from adjacent balconies and doorways, drawn by a natural curiosity to see the newly arrived Patrolmen.

After the introductions were made and a few pleasantries exchanged the two patrolmen boarded the super-shuttle, saying that they would return soon for a longer visit. Enew added that there was a problem with the universal-vision monitor to which Flexmaster Tsubo replied he would dispatch a maintenance crew to look into the matter. And with a wave of the hand they were off down the tunnel headed for central dome headquarters where they would meet for the first time Patrol Commander, Major Sane Finloy, a good friend of Kenom‘s DNA father and sponsor of this Patrol Duty Assignment.

They were no more than ten minutes down the track when they were stopped again because of tunnel repair work. This was unacceptable to anyone from Zimmnil who was used to highly efficient underground rail systems. Now more than ever Kenom was determined to bring this up with Commander Finloy. Not only was the tunnel and shuttle track in bad repair but the Vertons doing the repair were in need of repair themselves. Certainly if there was money for Flexton parties there was money for the tunnel upkeep and electro-body parts for the Vertons.

It took almost twenty minutes before the shuttle was allowed to slowly advance through the damaged part of the track. It wasn’t hard to see that the two patrolmen were quite disappointed with what they had encountered in their two days on patrol duty. If this was how it was going to be one could imagine they had serious reservations about their decisions to volunteer for patrol duty on OB.

Arriving at Central dome they took a lift directly to the fourth floor to Patrol headquarters where they informed the patrolman at the reception desk that they had an appointment to see Commander Finloy, The duty patrolman voice transferred the information to the Commander’ office and the reply was to send them right up. Kenom and Enew were both impressed with the efficiency of the headquarters staff. This was more like what one expected from Electro-people. In contrast it made the incompetence of the Flexton and their ability to oversee the Vertron tunnel repair crew stand out even more. One could only speculate on how incompetent the Flextoids themselves were at maintenance.

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