#12 The Believer

When they pulled into Dome C there were two Flexmen waiting for them on the platform. They could see by their uniforms that they were repairmen.

"Hello," said one of them, "I understand you are having trouble with your Universal-vision. Fleckmaster Tsubo sent us down here to have a look at it." "Of course, please come in. I'm patrolman Kenom and this is my friend patrolman Enew." "Hello, I'm Zelton and this is my partner Zeno, we're from Dome #3. I saw you last night at the transfer station. I was doing some work on the electro-lighting." "Yes, we were there briefly. We were on our way to Central dome to meet with the Commander." said Kenom.

"I’ve never seen the Commander myself,” said Zelton as they entered the dome, “We Flexmen aren’t allowed in that section of the dome…..so, what seems to be the problem with your Universal-vision?” "Well," said Enew, all we can get on the thing is the Pluton Godforce channel." "Damn those Plutons" replied Zelton, "they are always doing stuff like that. They cross circuits in the back of the electro-panel, blocking out every channel but theirs. I'll bet that's the problem. Let's have a look."

Zelton and Zeon took the back panel of the Universal-vision off and started checking out the circuits. "Sure enough," said Zelton, "these circuits have been tampered with. This Mini-dome hasn't been occupied for three month-marks, I'll bet they came in and crossed your circuits. Zeon will have to go over to dome #7 for a new panel. I have to call headquarters and report this. It will take a little while, do you mind if I call from here?" "No.,not at all," replied Kenom.
Zelton came back into the room and started to remove the back panel. Kenom asked, "Did you make your call alright?" "Yea," replied Zelton, "I filed a report, but they ain't gonna do anything about it...they never do. I think half of those Flecktoids up at headquarters are Godforce believers themselves. They don't care what those damn Plutons do. Those Pluton Godforce zealots are a real problem here on Ob. They have everybody screwed up. Things were going good until they got here." "Oh really," said Kenom, "are there many here?" "I don't know," answered Zelton, "I've never seen one myself. They stay pretty much to themselves in their Relog-O-Dome over in the Central Dome with your Zimtel friends. I've only seen them on Universal-vision; they're on the Universal-vision all the time."
Kenom was curious about the thinking of a homo-sapien with a brain capacity of around 1400 centimeters. So he questioned him further. "Have you been stationed here long?" he asked. "I was born here, on Ob, over in Fleck-city." replied Zelton, "...lived here all my life. My family is all gone now; I'm the only one left. I've been in the Patrol for thirty year-marks. This is the only planet I know. I'm not much on space travel. The patrol wanted to send me back to Flickton for electro-robot training, but I wouldn't go. We have enough electro-robot maintenance men already. The pay is better, but hell, money isn't everything."

"I hear you Zimtilleons travel all over the place,...ever been to Clortron?" "Yes I have," said Kenom. "How about Clohen, have you been to Clohen?" "Yes, I've been there too." "Man, you Zimtellions really get around. We had a visitor from Clorton here once," said Zelton, "he was weird, like those Gypsons. He didn't last long. He got in trouble with the Verties and they shipped him back to where he came from. Good riddance I say."
Kenom was silent for a moment then said, "A moment ago you said the Plutons should all rot in hell. What exactly did you mean by that? Where is hell?" Zelton was taken aback by this question. "You don't know where hell is?" he replied. "Well I know it is part of your God based philosophy but I am curious as to where it is exactly." "It's down in the center of Flickton," replied Zelton,"it's full of fire and brimstone." "Really,…what is brimstone?" asked Kenom. "Well.... I don't know exactly, but it ain't good stuff to be in, I can assure you of that." "I see," said Kenom, "so when you say that all Plutons should rot in hell, what you are saying is that you want all the Plutons to be back in the center of Flickton, in all this fire and brimstone stuff." "Well, something like that, I just want them to suffer a lot." "I see. And why should they suffer so much? Is it because of what you see on Universal-vision?" asked Kenom.

"I never watch them on Universal-vision.... but I know they should suffer a lot, because ...because... well just because. I just don't like them."

"Because you don't like them, does that mean that no one likes them?" "Well, I don't know, somebody must like them because they sure have a lot of money and influence around here. None of us Flecktons like them though, at least the ones I hang out with". "Why is that?" "Because they don't believe in the one true God, that's why." "And who is the one true God?" asked Kenom. "It's our God!" said Zelton, "Our true God is all powerful and all perfect and he loves all Flecktons. He's the one who created the whole universe." "Is that so," replied Kenom. "What does he look like and where is he?" "He looks like us Flecktons and he is in heaven, that's where he is!" And that’s where I hope to go after I die..to be with the one true God!”

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