#31 Problem Solved

Arriving at the Relig-u-dome, Kenom knocked on the door. There was no answer. He knocked again. Finally the peep hole opened and the gruff voiced man behind the door said, "Go away!" Kenom held his badge up to the peep hole and the door opened. Priest Leader Scott happened to be close by when Kenom entered. "Patrolman Kenom," he said, "good to see you again." Kenom looked over at the gruff voiced man who was scurrying away, "I'm sorry about that," said Leader Scott, as he noticed Kenom's unhappiness, "We Plutons don't destroy defective brains as you do on Zimtel. We give them electro-organic bodies and try to make them useful. We find them to be very loyal." Kenom felt a little uneasy. He was going to make a defense of Zimtel's practice of destroying defective brains, but when he realized that any defense was impossible, he decided to let it drop.

"That's quite alright," said Kenom, "I admire your compassion. I stopped by to tell you that we have found the person responsible for the blaster cap explosion." "Indeed," said Scott, "I admire you effectiveness as an investigator." "It was, as you suspected, a God fearing Flectoid with a hatred for your Godforce beliefs," continued Kenom, "we have him in the confinement center." "I am sorry to hear that patrolman," said Leader Scott, "I was hoping we were making some headway here." "Well," replied Kenom, "I am sure this is an isolated case, I know all Flectoids don't feel as he does." "I hope your right." said Scott, "What does central command plan to do with him?" "It hasn't been decided yet," answered Kenom, "I was hoping to get some input from you."

Priest leader Scott, was surprised to hear this. Most decisions in the Command Compound are made without consulting anyone, and never the Plutons. "What are the options," he said, not knowing where to begin. "Well," said Kenom, "he cannot be allowed to return to the general population. He would be an instant martyr. Then you would have some real religious problems." "I agree," answered Leader Scott. "I suppose banishment to Fleckton is the only real solution." "Yes," replied Kenom, "but then there is always the possibility that he would be looked at as a martyr back on Fleckton too. Being sent back to Flecton for attacking the Plutons would be a powerful tool; it could be used against you with great effectiveness. Over time, as word spread, this small incident would turn into something quite different then it was. The small blaster cap would become a bomb, and instead of no damage there would have been many Pluton killed, that's the way hatred gains its momentum."

"Very true," said leader Scott, "but what is the alternative?" Kenom thought for a moment then said, "What would you think of this. What if he were to be assigned into your care here in your Relig-u-dome? He is not an evil person, just misguided. He is very good at electronic repair work and I am sure you can find him plenty of work to keep him occupied." "Hummm," said Leader Scott, as he thought it over, "a very creative idea,... very creative indeed. Perhaps it would be beneficial to us to have a Flecton in our dome, particularly a God believer. We could very well learn something from him. He might help us learn how to break down the barrier that separates our beliefs. Yes, this is a good idea, patrolman Kenom , a very good idea."

"Are you sure this won't be a problem?" asked Kenom, "Don't forget he is an organic. He is in the lower LEB count." "No, not at all," said leader Scott, "We mingle with low LEBers all the time. We are all trained to do this. I can have him room with our doorman, he also has a low LEB count. They should get on nicely, as our doorman has little grasp of the Godforce philosophy and never talks about it. We will be able to bring him along slowly." "Fair enough," said Kenom, "let's consider it done then." "Won't you have to check with Central Command first," asked Leader Scott, "They may not think so highly of your idea." "That won't be necessary," replied Kenom, "I already have the authority to act on this matter." "Very well," said Leader Scott, "I will get things ready for our new guest."

As Kenom was slipping his badge back into his pocket and starting to leave, Leader Scott said, "I couldn't help but notice the Special Patrolman badge you were holding is that the reason you can make policy decisions?” Kenom was taken by surprise by what he had just heard. He thought that leader Scott knew about Priority Patrolman Orders and what authority came with them. He had forgotten that the Plutons were new here on Ob. He stammered for a moment then said, "Oh this, it was given to me by the commander, I use it to open doors!" They both had a good laugh, and parted.

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