#6 Orientation - Wardrobe

The trip to OB takes about half a day. The first thing all duty patrolmen are required to do is report to the Patrol Orientation Master. Duty papers have to be filed, sponsor certification and Brain Size Identification must be made.

Brain transfer papers also have be verified with the Central Galaxy Inclusion Department for authenticity. There have been a number of forged brain transfer papers found recently and the CGID is cracking down on this illegal activity. Brains from Xcepter homo-sapiens have turned up in Zimmnil electro-bodies more than once. Last war season alone fifty alien brains were found on OB.

There is a thriving business of illegal brain transferring going on Planet Verton. The authorities there have tried to shut down these illegal transfer stations but they can’t find them all so the process continues. Because the economy on Xceptor is in such bad shape many high LEB count Xceptors with brains in the 1600 cc range don’t want to wait for the Galaxy Inclusion Department to certify their brain size, which is the first step in the long process that would eventually allow them to receive transfers into Electro-bodies. They figure these illegal transfer stations are the quickest way bypass all that bureaucracy.

There is also a thriving business selling used or imitation Z501 electro-bodies. There is a risk of brain failure when these old or copied electro bodies are used, but not being able to find suitable work for your brain size can cause anyone to take risks.

Once the transfer is made they are supplied with forged brain transfer papers and sent off to one of the many patrol domes. Once inside the patrol dome they sneak aboard a supply ship returning to Zimmnil. The Zimmnil Planet Protection Patrol tries to catch these planet jumpers but the Xcepters are always ten steps ahead of them. The Xceptors are a very resourceful lot.

Once Kenom and Enew had been checked in they had to go to the Central LEB Center for a brain scan and LEB count evaluation. When a Zimmnil patrolman signs up for War Dome duty the brain has to be evaluated to determine what job is best suited for the brain power of the patrolman. Its done to match, “brain to duty.” One can have a high LEB count but still be less qualified to work on a Electro-beam controller that a patrolman with a lesser LEB count who has studied Electro-beam science at some brain enhancement center specializing in Electro-technology.

For example the four Patrolmen assigned to the patrol dome Electro-Blasters are rated SEI, or, patrolmen who have Supreme Electro Interest, or, “Electroheads” as they are called back on Zimmnil. These patrolmen are classified, HE as in Hermit-Electros. It is determined that HE patrolmen have “co-mingling defects” because they do not conform to “normal patrol association“. Again, it’s part of the “brain to duty” matching system.

Another reason new patrolmen must have their brain’s LEB count evaluated is so the proper uniform can be issued. Because all electro-people look alike uniform identification is the only way to separate and identify various brain powers. The lower LEB count patrolman must wear a full-bodied light blue uniform with red trim. The higher LEB count patrolman wears a long dark blue garment trimmed in purple with silver ornaments. They have an OB logo on the front. The Patrol Dome Commander wears a similar outfit trimmed in gold.

The organic Flektons also have a wardrobe identification system. Their system however is not based on brain power; it is based on the traditional organic homo-sapiens system of political and financial power. The most powerful being the Fleckmasters who wear red robes with gold trim. In the second tier are the Flecklords who wear a pinkish robe with red pinstripes and dark red trim. The lowly Fleckmen wear one-piece pink jumpsuits. The Fleckmaster and the Flecklord’s outfits have patches with the letter “F” on the front while the Fleckmen have a center patch of two crossed wrenches with the letter “F” in the center.

Two other uniforms found in the dome are worn by the Plutons and the Vertrons. The Pluton God-force believers wear white robes with a bright red crossed lightening strike symbol across the front. The red crossed lightening strike symbol is a blend of several ancient religious symbols found on various planets throughout the Galaxy, planets that have, or have had, a belief system which includes a firm belief in an all seeing, all knowing God. These uniforms are easy to spot from a distance making it easier for those who wish to avoid contact with these religious zealots to find a quick alternative route.

The Vertons who have no power or prestige in the dome are forced to wear non-descript image coded clothing. Their one-piece garments are dark brown in color with no frills. That makes them a little more acceptable. It also makes them less noticeable because they blend in with the dark tunnels where they work. They have a gear patch logo and a large number on the front for easy identification in the event someone needs to report on an individual workers transgressions or lazy work habits.

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