#16 Fastest Runner

Fleckmaster Tsubo was sitting with several of his lords. They all rose when Kenom entered their box. "Thank you so much for joining us," said Tsubo, "You honor us." "Thank you for asking," replied Kenom, "I understand this may be a great day for dome #4." "Yes indeed,, it may“. Kenom took his seat next to Master Tsubo who leaned over and said quietly to Kenom, "Thank you for coming, this means a lot to my lords. Myself, I care little for these games, but......." Then he added, “and thank you again for the wonderful gift of those two wonderful paintings, I have hung them in my “Friendship Gallery” Kenom smiled and nodded.

The winner of the jumping competition had been awarded his prize and was making his final lap of the stadium. He was also from Dome #7. It was time now for the running competition. "This is the competition to see who is the fastest patrolman on Ob," said Lord Clayy, "We have a new patrolman this year that should win. His name is Flextoid Nim. He is very fast,.... is that not so master." "Indeed it is." said Master Flyn.

True to his prediction, Patrolman Nim did win the competition. He ran the 16 leagues in 7 minutes full 2 minutes ahead of his closest competitor. All the lords in box #4 were very pleased with Patrolman Nim, they were all stood in honor of his accomplishment.

However while Patrolman Nim was being awarded his prize, Kenom remaind less than enthusiastic. He felt he should retaliate for what he now perceived as a slight over the two abstract paintings that went into the “Friendship Gallery. He wanted to shoot a high LEB brain bullet across the bow of these upstart low LEB organic bodied Flextons.

Flexlord Flyn, puzzled by his lack of enthusiasm, turned to Kenom and said, "Patrolman Nim is truly the fastest patrolman on Ob, for he reached the finish line in less time than any other patrolman ... is that not a worthy accomplishment?" Kenom said, "well yes, certainly it is, but I couldn't help thinking, that in reality, he was no faster than any other patrolman in this dome,.... including you and me." All the Flexlords looked puzzled then turned to Master Tsubo for a response.

Master Tsubo paused for a moment and after thinking on it, said, "How can this be? We have never left our seats, yet you say we are as fast as Patrolman Nim.... who has just run 16 leagues in 7 minutes. Kenom replied, "Yes, that is true, let me explain. As you say, Patrolman Nim, running as fast as he can, can run 16 leagues in 7 minutes, as he proved in the contest we just witnessed." "That is true," replied Master Tsubo, "no patrolman can run faster." All the Lords agreed. "Well, perhaps,” continued Kenom, “but what if the distance to be run was shorter, say 14 leagues, would Patrolman Nim go from start line to finish line in a shorter time, thereby being even faster?" "Indeed he would," replied master Tsubo" for the less distance to be traveled would mean less time to get from the starting line to the finish line. He would indeed be faster still."

"Then is it not also true that even if Patrolman Nim traveled at the speed of sound, he would still need some small amount of time to get from the start line to the finish line?" "Yes, that is also true,...even traveling at the speed of sound, some time would be needed,..... but very very little."

"Then," said Kenom, "as you have also agreed, the only way to reduce the time, thereby increasing the speed, to get from the start line to the finish line would be to shorten the distance between the two lines, is that not true?" "Yes said," Master Tsubo "I agree that would be the only way." "Therefore," said Kenom, "if you bring the finish line up to the starting line, the sportsman who just stands on both lines is truly the fastest, for he is at both the starting line and the finishing line at the same moment."

Master Tsubo looked at the Flexlords, thought for a moment, and then said, "Yes, "I suppose that would also be true." "So then," continued Kenom, "if the fastest patrolman alive just had to remain in one spot, are we not just as fast by remaining in our seats?" Master Tsubo then realizing the joke, turned to his Lords and with a smile, .... "I am convinced of it!" "Well then," said Kenom, "it is settled, no one is faster than we are, we should all go down and get our awards!" The Lords, still a bit puzzled and confused managed a weak laugh. as they realized they had been taken in by a superior brain.

After the games were over and as everyone was filing out, Kenom mentioned the tunnel delays and the poor condition of the Verton maintenance men to the Commander. He asked if anything could be done to rectify the situation. The Commander introduced him to Special Patrolman Dorn who was in charge of Dome security. Patrolman Dorn said that tunnel maintenance was under the authority and supervision of the Vertons in Dome #7. He suggested that he visit the dome and inquire into the matter there. Kenom thanked the patrolman as the Commander the rest of his entourage boarded a secure shuttle for the return trip to Central dome.

Enew had had enough for one day so he boarded a shuttle and returned to the mini-dome while Kenom, in another shuttle, proceeded to dome #7

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