#21 The Generators Arrive

As Kenom was leaving dome 7 Master Lector stopped him and said, “If the Vertons have need of other supplies, please let me know." "That is very kind of you," replied Kenom, "I will ask them for a list of things they need and I will drop it off at your office tomorrow." "Very well," said Master Lector, and they parted. As Kenom was driving back to his Mini-dome he couldn't help but feel energized by what had happened. He felt good with himself that he used restraint. He was happy with his new authority as Priority Patrolman, because he thought perhaps he could do some good while he was here on OBs But he reminded himself about not going overboard with this power. He could see that Lord Brutum had become a victim of too much power, and he did not want to fall into the same trap.

Kenom stopped a dome #5 on his way home to use the voice transfer. He wanted to let 45 know that the generators would be brought over in the morning. "Hello," he said, after he was connected, "this is patrolman Kenom, is 45 around?" "Let me see," said the voice at the other end,. there was a pause then the voice came on again, "No, I don't see him, this is 24, can I help you?" "Well,"said Kenom, "tell 45 that Flect-master Lector is sending over three new generators tomorrow morning." "What?" replied 24, "three new generators?" "Yes," replied Kenom, "I have asked that they be left in your tunnel, is that alright, can you take them from there?" "Uh...yea, sure..uh.." " I'll be by in the morning to see if they have arrived safely," said Kenom, "please ask 45 if he will meet me then." "Uh.. yea... sure.. I'll tell him." "Thank you,"said Kenom, and he hung up.

When he got back to the Mini-dome Enew was waiting for him, "I didn't expect you to be gone all day, where were you, I was getting worried." "I'm sorry," said Kenom, "I should have called you. But you will understand when I tell you about my most extraordinary day."

After the tale was told, Enew just sat there in disbelief. "I'll never forgive myself for not going along with you he said,... Priority patrolman, I can't believe it. You truly are an extraordinary man Kenom." "Thank you my friend," said Kenom. "I'm going out there tomorrow to make sure the generators arrive, you can come too if you would like." "I'm never leaving your side again." laughed Enew. "See that you don't." laughed Kenom.

It was late when Kenom came on again the next morning. Enew was already up and running about doing some chores, "Well, Priority patrolman Kenom," he said, "You are finally on again. You shut off late last night so I didn't want to disturb you; I figured you needed a full charge after yesterday’s events." "Thank you, you're right I must have been almost completely drained. I feel much better now....and stop with the "priority patrolman" stuff; I'm trying to keep this thing in perspective." "Alright." laughed Enew as they boarded their module. They were going to check to make sure the generators were sent as promised.

When they arrived at the tunnel guardhouse the guard who was stationed there was gone. Kenom and Enew entered the Verton tunnel to find it bustling with activity. 45 spotted them and came running over. "How in the universe did you manage this." he said, as he pointed to the three new generators. "That's not important, are they what you need?" "You bet!" said 45, "we'll have them up and running by this evening. This is truly a great day for us, we will always be in you debt." "I was happy to be of some help," said Kenom, "incidentally, this is my good friend, Enew, he is stationed with me." "Hello." said 45. "Hello." replied Enew. "Look, 45, if you make me a list of some other supplies you need, I will try to get them for you." "Sure...sure.. I can give you some old unprocessed requests for supplies." "Fine," replied Kenom. 45 rushed off to get the forms.

"Man, this place is really in need of repair," said Enew, "not to mention the Vertons themselves. They are worse off then you described." "Hopefully things will be better soon," said Kenom. 45 returned with some papers, "Here, these are some of the more pressing things we need." "Thank you,"said Kenom, "I'll see what I can do." "Thank you again, patrolman Kenom." Enew was about to interrupt and say, that's Priority Patrolman Kenom,…. but he thought better of it.

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