#26 Explosion in Central Dome

Kenom and Enew had just returned the organic life support package to central dome supply and were getting into their module to return to the Mini-dome when they heard an explosion. "What was that?" exclaimed Enew. "I don't know," said Kenom, "it sounded like it came from the level #1, we had better go find out what happened." When they got to level #1, it was full of smoke. There was a lot of confusion. No one seemed to know what to do. Patrolmen were just running around in circles. "This hardly looks like a battle ready war compound," said Enew, "if one little explosion and some smoke can cause this much panic, what would they do if it was a real attack." "Never mind that," said Kenom, "let's find out what happened."

Just then a Patrolman came running up when he spotted Kenom‘s high LEB uniform. He was in a panic. Kenom calmed him down enough to give him orders. He ordered him to seal off the tunnels so that they wouldn’t fill with smoke. The Patrolman ran off toward the tunnel entrance. Patrolmen were running every which way. Kenom grabbed one of the patrolmen who was running by and said, "You must have an exhaust ventilator system in here, go turn it on!" The patrolman was frozen with fear, he just stood there. Kenom shook him and shouted, "Turn on the ventilator system, NOW!" "Yes sir!, Yes sir!" said the frightened patrolman.

Kenom could tell that the only way he was going to get things calmed down was to assert his authority as Priority Patrolman. He climbed up on one of the electro-panels and held up his Priority orders. "Attention!, attention!," he said, "everyone calm down!" By now the ventilators had been turned on and the smoke was beginning to clear. Things started to settle down a bit. Soon all the patrolmen were standing at attention. All was quite.

"That's better," said Kenom, "Now,... there is no need to panic. It looks like it was only a small Electro blaster cap." Electro blaster caps just make a lot noise and smoke..... but they are harmless. They were developed by the Orksons. They used them to gather primitive organic cave people during their "Manifest Destiny" expansion period. A couple of blaster caps thrown into a cave would send the organic people inside running out into the awaiting nets. They were later banned by the Galaxy Organic Preservation Department. They objected to the gathering of Organic people for slaves.

Kenom continued, "As soon as the smoke has cleared I want you all to go back to your duty stations. I will find out what happened here and make a report. There is no need to worry. Go back to work. I may need to talk to some of you later, but for now go back to your duty stations." The patrolmen were much relieved as they drifted back to their work stations. What surprised them as much as the blast, was to find out that there was a Special Patrolman in the compound with Priority orders.

Kenom got Major Finon on the voice transfer, “Hello, major, there has been a small blast down here on level #1 near the Relig-u-dome. It looks like it may have been a small Electro blaster cap, but I am not sure. I don't think there is any damage, just some smoke, which I have taken care of. I just wanted you to know that everyone is back at their duty stations." "Thank you Kenom," said Major Finon. "We didn't hear the blast up here, but I just got a call from the duty master down there. I'll send Patrolman Flyn down to give you a hand." "There is no need for that," said Kenom, "I'll have a look around to see if I can find out what happened." "Good," said Major Finon, "Please investigate the matter and report back to me about your findings.” "Very good major." said Kenom.

Kenom turned to Enew and said, "Let's go see how the Plutons are doing and find out if they know why anyone would want to throw a blaster cap at their Relig-u-dome." “Good idea.” said Enew. As they were walking over to the Relig-u-dome, Kenom's voice transfer unit buzzed. "Hello, Patrolman Kenom here." It was Master Etel from patrol dome #5, “Hello," said Master Etel, "we heard that there was an explosion in the Central Dome. I just got word from one of my lords. We are all on alert here, has there been a Figgnon attack?" He sounded frightened.

"No, no," said Kenom, "it's nothing. Someone just threw a small blaster cap at the Relig-u-dome, no damage, just a lot of smoke." "Thank you for the information. I will tell all the other masters to call off the alert." "Yes," said Kenom, "please do that.... I'll get back to you as soon as I find out something....and don't worry." Master Etel thanked Kenom and hug up. "Let's hope the Figgnons don't hear about this," said Kenom, "if they knew how much panic could be caused by a small blaster cap, they would attack for sure." Enew laughed.

They walked up to the two large doors at the entrance to the Relig-u-dome. There was a small blast burn on one of them, about one foot-mark up from the floor. Kenom knocked. There was no answer. "While you are doing that, I'll interview some of the patrolman to see if anyone of them saw anything." said Enew. "Good idea." said Kenom, as he knocked again, this time with more force. Again no answer. He knocked once more. This time a small peep hole opened and a voice from inside said, in a gruff voice, "Go away!" Kenom was losing his patience. He knocked again and when the man inside peaked out the peep hole, Kenom slammed his Priority badge up against it. "Open up!" he said. With that, he heard the door unlock.

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