#29 "We've got our man!"

Kenom explained to Flexmaster Teems about the investigation that was underway with regards to the blaster cap incident over in Central Dome. "I understand that you have a maintenance man here by the name of Zelton, is that correct?" Master Teems looked over at his lord for conformation. "He is in the maintenance crew" said his lord. "Yes, apparently we do," said Master Teems, "I can't keep track of everyone in my dome, I let my lords take care of that." He gave a small laugh. "I would like to have a word with Flrcktman Zelton if I may." Said Kenom "Certainly," said Master Teems, "bring him here." he said to his lord. "Yes sir." said the lord.

While they were waiting, Master Teems asked Kenom and Enew if they would like to come to the big party they were having that evening. They were celebrating the arrival of a supply ship from Fleckton. Kenom and Enew made their excuses and said that they would think about it. Soon the lord arrived with Zelton. Zelton seemed relieved to see his friend Kenom. "Oh, it's you," he said, "are you having more trouble with your universal-vision?" Then turning to Master Teems, "Those damn Plutons crossed circuits on his unit so that only their Godforce channel came in, but I fixed it for him." He seemed rather proud to be telling Master Teems about his work.

"No," said Kenom, "the Universal-vision is still working fine." Zelton smiled and looked even prouder. "What I need to ask you is where you were this morning?" Zelton lost his smile and began to stammer in surprise. "Uh... I was here all day." he said. "Can you confirm that?" Kenom asked the lord. "If he says he was here, he was here" came the rather curt reply. Master Teems looked rather troubled at this turn of events. "What is the trouble Patrolman Kenom?" he asked. Kenom also took a more serious stance, "Someone threw a blaster cap at the Pluton's Relig-u-dome this morning." "What? a blaster cap,...at the Plutons?" said Master Teems, "who would do such a thing. I heard there was some problem up at central dome but I had no idea..." Kenom interrupted, "I will ask you again Zelton, where were you this morning?" Zelton began to sweat, he was very nervous. "I..I.. I was here, like I told you." Lord Barker broke in, "I hope you don't think that dome #3 had anything to do with this patrolman, I find that bit presumptions of you to..."

Kenom reached into his inside pocket and pulled out his priority order, handed it to Maester Teems and said to the lord, "Two witnesses have put Zelton on level one of the central dome this morning. He was a substitute for a man called Shimm." The room went perfectly silent. Master Teems and Lord Barker turned white as the blood drained from their heads. They just kept staring at the priority orders. Zelton was shaking. Kenom broke the silence by saying to Zelton "Once again, Flectman Zelton, were you in the central dome this morning?"

Zeltonl dropped to his knees and started praying. "God save me!, God save me!, please I beg of you, save me!" Kenom was rather embarrassed by this uncontrolled outburst. He hated to see any person, organic or not, is such a state. "Did you drop that electro blaster cap on the Plutons Relig-u-dome?" he asked. "Yes...yes... I'm sorry, I didn't mean.... I'm sorry." he was crying uncontrollably. After a moment Kenom said, "Master Teems, would you be so kind to place Flectoid Zelton in your detainment unit until central headquarters can make a determination as what to do with him." Still stunned, Master Teems said, "Yes, yes of course." He motioned to his lord to carry out Kenom's orders. Lord Barker, now trying to prove his loyalty, grabbed Zentel roughly and shoved him out the door.

Kenom and Enew got up to leave, Master Teems still stunned, awkwardly started to get up. "No, please," said Kenom, "we will find our way out. Thank you for your cooperation Master Teems, Central Command will be in touch with you.....and good luck with your party tonight." Master Teems managed a smile; he didn't know what to do. When Kenom and Enew got to their module, Enew said, "Get in your majesty, I will drive." Kenom smiled as he slipped his priority orders back into his inside pocket.

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