#22 ...an extraordinary man

Kenom and Enew left for dome #7. Enew thought to himself that those Flecktons needed a good thrashing for what they have done to those poor Vertons. He couldn't wait to see what kind of punishment Kenom was going to hand out to those barbarians. When they got to Dome #7, and went in, they found it almost completely empty, The patrolman who was at the duty desk the day before was gone and another, much smaller patrolman was in his place. "Patrolman Kenom to see Master Lector please." "Certainly, go right in." was the reply. Kenom and Enew found Master Lector sitting pensively at his desk. He looked very depressed. "Hello Master Lector," said Kenom, "may I introduce my good friend Enew, he is stationed with me." "Hello, Patrolman Kenom,...Patrolman Enew, it is a pleasure to meet you." Enew said nothing, he just nodded. He was moved at what a frail yet intelligent looking man Master Lector was, not nearly the ogre he thought him to be.

"Where are your lords, master?" asked Kenom. "They are all in the detaining unit. They have voluntarily surrendered themselves to be shipped back to Fleckton to face court-martial. They leave on a supply ship tomorrow. Also tomorrow, I will inform Commander Zeto of what has transpired here in dome #7. I intend to offer him my resignation." "I see," said Kenom quietly. Master Lector continued, "We cannot have this sort of corruption up here on Ob, it threatens the entire operation, - and those men will pay the price for what they have done." Enew felt a little embarrassed at his prejudice toward these Dome #7 Flecktons, perhaps he had been a little too harsh in his judgment.

Kenom felt more saddened from what he heard then delight as he looked at this poor old man. He paused a moment then said, "I can't help feeling a little responsible for this, Master Lector, Perhaps...." "No," said Master Lector, "my Lords have betrayed me and the entire command, it is my responsibility." "Still," replied Kenom, "I wish you would reconsider... “Now it was Master Lector who was surprised by what he heard, he thought that punishing the lords and his resignation would make the Zimtellions happy. He stammered for a bit, not knowing how to respond. Kenom continued, "Perhaps if your lords were to be re-assigned, that would be punishment enough. True it was bad thinking on their part, but bad thinking can always be replaced with good thinking... with a little forgiveness."

Master Lector again was at a loss for words. "But.. but.. there is no place to send these men, every dome already has a full complement of lords, there is no place to re-assign them." "Who is in charge of the Sports dome?" asked Kenom. "Well... no one really," said Master Lector, "we just all use it when we need it." "I see." said Kenom, "Why don't we, with your permission of course, put them in charge of the sports dome, they certainly are qualified to run it." "Oh, yes..yes indeed they are," said Master Lector, "but...but..they should be puni....." Kenom interrupted, "Well it's settled then. I will inform the Central Dome Command of your decision to volunteer you lords for work in the sports dome. They shall be called the "Sport Dome Lords",... again, with your permission of course." "Yes.. yes.. of course." "I know commander Zeto will be pleased to hear of your decision," said Kenom, "he loves sporting events you know. And as for your resignation, I'm sure he wouldn't hear of it . You are much too close to retirement for that. I will report to Commander Finloy that the Verton situation is being resolved, and that Dome #7 is cooperating fully. He need not be troubled with all the details. Are we agreed?" "Uh... yes.. yes, that would be most kind of you."

Before they left, Kenom handed Master Lector the papers #45 gave him, "Oh yes, one more thing, Master Lector, would you be so kind as to see that these supplies are brought out to the Vertons." "Yes, of course, right away," said Master Lector. When they were out of ear shot of Master Lector, Enew whispered to Kenom, "You handled that with such intelligence and sensitivity that... well, you made me proud to be a Zimtellion. You are an extraordinary man". Kenom looked at Enew out of the corner of his eye and smiled.

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