#32 Zelton's New Home

Kenom went directly to Patrol Dome #3. After greeting Master Teems, they went to Teems office. Lord Bakker was also there. When they sat down, Master Teems pulled some papers from his desk and said, "I have the deportation papers all made out for maintenance man Zelton, he will be on the next supply ship back to Flecton." Lord Barked breaks in, "And I will see to it that he has a good thrashing before he goes!" "That won't be necessary," said Kenom, "I have made other arrangements." Master Teems and Lord Barker looked at each other with fear on their faces. "And what might they be?" asked Master Teems timidly, fearing that perhaps he and his lord were also to be deported.

"I'm sorry, but this matter is to remain confidential, his whereabouts will be known only to Central Command. I can only say that maintenance man Zelton will be dealt with in a manner that befits his crime. I consider the situation resolved. If you would be kind enough to have maintenance man Zelton brought over to Central Dome, I will take it from there... and be sure and put him in a sealed module." "It will be done as you ask," said Master Teems, "get on it at once Lord Barker." Master Teems couldn't believe his good fortune at the outcome of what could have been the end of his career. "Yes sir!" said Lord Barker. Kenom could tell that Master Teems and Lord Barker were relieved that they were not being held responsible, and that the matter was closed. One could almost hear Master Teems saying to himself, "It's party time!!"

The sealed module was waiting for Kenom when he arrived at Central Dome. Those Flecktoids can be rather efficient when their careers are threatened, he thought to himself. He entered the module to find Zelton crying uncontrollably, "Oh, please God, Please save me!!" he was saying. Kenom finally had to grab and shake him to get his attention. "Stop this" he said, "stop this crying at once!" Zelton managed to gather himself up a bit, but he remained inconsolable. "They’re sending me to Flecton!" he said, "I don't want to go, I don't want to go! I'll do anything, anything, just please don't send me to Fleckton, please! I beg of you!"

"Stop it" said Kenom sternly, "you're not going to be sent to Fleckton." Zelton slowly begin to stop crying as the words Kenom said started to sink in. He said nothing; he just sat there quietly sobbing. "Alright" said Kenom, "that's better. Now listen to me,.. are you listening?" Zelton nodded, yes. "Say it" said Kenom, "are you listening to me?" "Yes, I'm listening." came the weak response. "That's better" said Kenom, "Now here is what's going to happen to you. You are going to be assigned to the Relig-u-dome..." Zelton broke down again after hearing these words, "No!, no!, they will kill me! No!, I beg of you.." Kenom grabbed him and said, "Stop it!, they are not going to kill you, you have my word, do you hear me, they are not going to harm you in any way." Zelton begin to control himself, he knew that if a Special Patrolman said he would not be harmed, it would be so. "Are you sure?" he said meekly. "Yes, I give you my word, as a Special Patrolman, and as a friend"

Zelton felt that a miracle had occurred; a Special Patrolman had just called him his friend. He stopped crying and just looked at Kenom. He looked at Kenom as if he were a God. Kenom felt a little uncomfortable to be looked at like that. They sat there for a moment, neither of them quite sure what to say. Then Kenom continued, "You will be under the guidance of Priest Leader Scott. I want you to promise me that you will be obedient and do as he says. I want you to show the utmost respect to him and all the Plutons in the dome and never cause them any trouble, is that clear?" Zelton nodded in the affirmative. "I want you to say it" said Kenom. "I promise to be obedient and do as Priest Leader Scott says...and never to cause any trouble" Zelton finally said. "Good" said Kenom, "I know that if you do that you will find them to be not near the monsters you believed them to be. You can learn much from them I assure you." Zelton nodded and said, "I will not let you down Special Patrolman sir, I will not let you down." "I'm sure you won't" said Kenom, "now let's proceed to your new home and meet your new family"

Kenom realized that Zelton was still just a child, brain wise. He was only a fanatical God believer because he wanted to be accepted. Being born on Ob probably made him feel more or less like an outcast. By being a God zealot, Zelton felt he was loved and accepted. The more committed he was to his God the more he felt loved and accepted. After all, he believed that God loved him, even if he was born on Ob.

Zelton had not completely regained his composure yet when they met Priest Leader Scott. Zelton was surprised when everyone in the dome came out to greet him. They all made him feel quite welcome. Zelton seemed a bit overwhelmed, but he was visibly pleased. Kenom had voice transferred Leader Scott and told him what he had told Zelton. Priest leader Scott assured Kenom that all would go well, for he had discussed the matter with the rest of the Plutons and it was unanimous that Zelton should be in their charge. They all felt it to be a great advantage to have a God believing Flecton in their midst. They felt they could learn much about how best to direct their, "conversion efforts." They were happy to do anything that would help them be more effective, not only here on Ob, but on planet Fleckton as well.

Seeing that all was well, Kenom said his goodbyes and left for the Mini-dome

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