#35 Time To Go - Epilogue

Arriving at Central Dome, Kenom and Enew went directly to Major Finon's office. "Hello major" said Kenom, "we just came by to tell you goodbye and thank you for all you have done for us during our duty tour." "I'm sorry to see you go," said Major Finon, "it seems like you just got here and now you are leaving already." "Yes, well, time flies when you are busy." "And from the reports I have been getting, you have been just that." replied the major, with a smile. Yes, said Kenom, perhaps I’ll write a book about my adventures here on OB when I return to Zinmmel, I’ll call it, “Odyssey on OB” They all had a good laugh over the thought.

Kenom pulled out his badge and special orders he had received from Commander Finloy. As he handed them over to the major he said, "Please thank the Commander when he returns for giving me the privilege to be a Priority Patrolman while I was on duty here, I learned a lot about myself and what it means to have power." "I'm sure you did," replied the major, "and from what I have heard, power suits you well. I know that the things you did here, as a Priority Patrolman, will forever be imprinted on the minds of the Flecktons".

"I have been in contact with the Commander and he wanted me to congratulate you, and thank you for all your good work. He also asked me to tell you that he wants you to keep the Special Patrolman badge as a souvenir of your tour of duty here on Ob. He knows that you will be a great politician one day, and he hopes that you will always remember your duty at this compound. And my I add, I too believe that you have a bright future as a politician, I know you will make your DNA father proud." Thank you, Major, and thank the Commander for me too." said Kenom, "I shall always cherish this gift."

With the pleasantries out of the way, Kenom and Enew went down to the transportation space port to prepare themselves for the space ride back to Zimtel. They went up to the duty patrolman and asked if their Nominal-module was loaded and ready. The duty patrolman brought them over to a port #1, where a brand new Luxury-module was setting. There was a note taped on to the side.

Kenom opened the note and read it to Enew, "Dear Kenom and Enew, The Commander wanted you to have this. It was given to him by the Flecton War Council on Fleckton. It was a nice gesture, but he has little use for it. The Flecktons on Ob all agreed that it would be better if you had it, and got some use out of it, rather then it just setting here gathering dust. Please accept it with the well wishes of the entire compound. Godforce speed home, signed, Major Finon." Kenom and Enew looked at each not knowing what to say. Enew finally said, "It would never do for a Priority Patrolman to arrive back on Zimtel in a Nominal-module now would it." "No I guess it wouldn't," replied Kenom. They both had a good laugh.

They climbed aboard and soon they heard, "We're ready to start the count down." Alright my friend, let's go home!" Then with a loud roar of the rockets they blasted off the central dome platform. Soon Ob faded from view as the space craft headed toward home.


A peace treaty between planet Figgnon and planet Fleckton was signed in year-mark Five Million five thousand sixty five. The Planet Patrol Compound on planet Ob was shut down a few years later. Zimtel Patrol Headquarters reassigned all the Permanent Duty Patrolmen to the War Compound on planet Mazgermin. All the Flecktons who had been stationed on Ob returned to their home planet Flecton. They all received a substantial retirement and lived their remaining lives in comfort.

Fleck-master Tjubo managed to bring back, to Flecton, his extensive collection of paintings. He eventually became director of the FleckMuseum of Universal Art. He was instrumental in making that museum one of the finest in that part of the Galaxy. His brain was eventually approved for transfer into an Electrobody.

The Vertons were welcomed as heros when they returned to their home planet Verton. They were hailed as examples of Vertons traditional values of hard work and tenacity. The Vertons eventually purchased the old Maintenance Dome, dismantled it and had it brought back to Verton and rebuilt. A tour of the old Dome is a requirement for all Vertons.

Kenom’s DNA father had managed to get him appointed to the position of Director of Galaxy Studies at the Political Correction Department on Zimtel and before long he was selected to be on the Zimtel Political Council. His meteoric rise to political power astounded everyone, except Enew. Enew remained his aid and confidant for his entire career. In the year mark, Five million fie thousand one hundred sixty Kenom was selected to be LordMaster of Galaxy #3. That was the most powerful position in the Galaxy. He lived out the rest of his days on planet Nemlon, the largest planet in the Galaxy. He shut down for the last time in the Year-mark, Five million five thousand two hundred twenty after being acclaimed as one of the most effective planet unifiers in Galaxy history. His Z501 body unit was sent back to Zimtel where it is still on display in The Gallery of the Greats Zimtels most honored and prestigious museum. He never did write his book.

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