#25 Conversation With Wo

After hearing that Kenom was not a God force believer Mr. Wo looked up, smiled and said, “"Please forgive me for being so unresponsive, Patrolman Kenom, it was rude of me and I apologize." Kenom softened too and said, "No apologies necessary, and please, there is no need to call me Patrolman, -Kenom is fine." "Thank you Kenom," said Wo, "and I would be pleased if you just call me Wo." "Agreed." said Kenom.

"I would be honored if you would stay and talk with me awhile," said Wo, "I would very much like to know your thoughts on God." "And I would be interested in your thoughts as well." said Kenom. Wo got up from his mat and they both sat down in some comfortable chairs. "You told me that you had been here on Ob before," said Kenom, "what brought you to this remote military outpost?" "I was here at the invitation of an old friend of mine from planet Womat, Special Patrolman Mung. He was given priority patrolman orders and was making some changes here at the compound and he wanted my advice. That’s how I found out what kind of authority a Priority Patrolman had." "I see," said Kenom, "many of the changes made by Patrolman Mung are still in place, so you advised him well." "I am happy to learn that." said Wo.

"Tell me," said Wo, "what are your thoughts on God and the Godforce? Mung believed in the LEB theory. Even though he could not tell me the source of LEB, he would not accept the Godforce belief that it came from God. Is that also your belief?" "Yes it is," said Kenom, "even though I am not a true believer in the LEB theory, I accept it because science has not found any other explanation for the creation of life, but I don't want it to control my thinking. I want to leave the question open as to the nature of life and the universe." "I see," said Wo, "Perhaps you would agree with me that, even if you do not give credit to any God for the creation of the universe, we must believe that it did in fact have a beginning."

"No," said Kenom, "I won't agree on that either. Just because everything we see, life in all it's forms, planets in all their variety, and so forth, have beginnings, it does not necessarily follow that the entire universe also had a beginning." "Yes," said Wo," but if all the things you mentioned had beginnings, isn't it logical to assume that universe too had a beginning?" " Logic is limited by our brains ability to comprehend things." said Kenom, "When our brains evolve to the point where they can accept more LEB they will also be able to decipher more universal mysteries and answer some of these questions. What seems logical now may well indeed be illogical later." "Perhaps you are right." said Wo.

"Myself," continued Wo, "I am more concerned with what life forms believe is the truth then I am with what the truth may in fact be. Life forms may never evolve to the point you just mentioned if they continue to fight and destroy each other because of their faith in preconceived beliefs. I am here with you now because there are two opposing views on life here on Ob, one by the Flecton's with their faith in God, and the other, the Pluton's with their belief in the Godforce." "That’s true," said Kenom, "men stifle there thinking by believing strongly on this matter one way or another." "Yes," said Wo, "much harm is done by believing strongly in something for which there is no proof." "I had an interesting talk with a Flecktoid patrolman," said Kenom, "he was out here doing some repair work on our Universal-vision, he told me...."

The conversation was interrupted by Enew who knocked on the door, then entered. "Central Command just voice-transferred and said that the space craft has been repaired, they ask that all passengers re-board." he said. "Thank you Enew." said Kenom. Turning to Wo, Kenom said, "Well, we must continue this conversation another time." "Indeed we must." said Master Wo.

On the return trip to the space port Kenom and Wo talked about art on the planet Ute which Kenom had heard so much about. The subject of in Flexmaster Tsubos gallery also came up. Master Wo knew of it and had seen many of the paintings within his collection. Kenom told Master Wo about his embarrassing gift of two abstract paintings that had ended up in the “Friendship Gallery” which amused Wo greatly. Wo suggested that perhaps a gift was not always the best way to make friends.

When they arrived at the space port the supply ship was loading and preparing for launch. Mr. Wo boarded along with the rest of the passengers. "Good bye," said Kenom, "have a safe journey." "And you also," said Wo, "may you always travel in light."

Later that night, back in the Mini-dome, Enew and Kenom thought much about their guest. "He was a strange organic don't you think?" asked Enew. "Indeed he was," said Kenom, “I am sure he knows more about me than I know about him." As they prepared to send back the organic life supply package to central dome, Enew noticed that Master Wo had not touched a thing. "Look," he said to Kenom, "Master Wo didn't touch a bit of the organic substance food, or anything else. They both looked at each other. “What a strange human”.

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