#15 Sports Dome

When the day of the sports games arrived, Kenom and Enew were ready for a little entertainment. They happily climbed into their module and set out for dome #8. They went by the "perimeter route" which is a route that bypasses all the patrol domes and goes through all the Mini-domes. They didn't stop at any of the Mini-domes even tho they heard that there was an interesting artist in Mini-dome F. Flexmaster Tjubo had mentioned him while they were going through his gallery. He offered to arrange a meeting with him but Kenom declined.

Arriving at Dome #8, the patrolmen made their way to the Zimmnil section in the upper level box seats. Commander Finloy was there as well as Major Finon and several other highLEB patrolmen. Two seats were open next to the Commander and he beckoned them over. "Kenom, Enew, hello.... glad you could make it," said the Commander, "come sit." This they did.

"How has your duty assignment been going," asked Finon, have you had any trouble with your observing equipment?" "No," replied Kenom, "it works fine...but we haven't seen any Figgnon space ships yet." Everyone got a big laugh out of that. "Well you have a pretty good view of planet Ezel from your position, so I suspect you have enough to entertain yourselves with." Another hardy laugh followed. "Enew is the biologist," replied Kenom, "I prefer to concentrate on the brain." "Good for you." said Finon

The Zimmnil section had, by far, the best seats in the house. They had a commanding view of the entire stadium. Each seat was well appointed with all sorts of electronic gear. There was even an electro-body performance monitor which allowed them to monitor, and record, the body and brain performance of the athletes as they competed in the various events below. The humanoid Flecktons also had box seat sections,-but only for their Fleck-masters and Fleck-lords. These sections were below the Zimtel sections. There were eight of them, one section for each patrol dome. The Flecktons did not have "Body Performance Monitors" however.

The events are essentially a test of skill in running, jumping, and throwing. Rules and distances are set in such a way as to determine which athlete is able to, run, jump or throw the quickest, the highest, or the farthest. There are approximately one hundred runners, eighty jumpers, and around sixty throwers. These are the best Fleckton athletes in the entire compound. Early competition has narrowed the field down to 21, one from each patrol dome, in each category. Competition for farthest thrower was about to begin.

"Have you ever seen organic bodies compete before?" asked the Commander "Yes," once, replied Kenom, "when I was on the planet Mazermin. They were having some sporting event there at the time and I was invited to watch. I believe it was called, "The Mighty Maz Event," if I am not mistaken. But the Maz-men were much larger athletes, and there were maybe ten times as many competitors as we have here today." "I know of the event you are speaking of," said the Commander, "I have also been in attendance a time or two. Organics love their sport, it's a big thing,... even here on Ob. Some say there is such stiff competition here, that some of the Fleck-masters recruit athletes from other planets to become patrolmen just so that they can compete.

Zimlton patrol headquarters thought it would be a good idea to sponsor these games....makes us look more "organic." We also send all the data we get from our "Organic Body Performance Monitors" back to headquarters on Zimtel. They in turn hand it over to the Galaxy Inclusion Department for analysis. Competition at this level is more mental than anything else. They want to see how the Flecktons brains are doing,.... how far along they have evolved." "Good idea." said Enew.

The throwing competition took about an hour. The competitor who won was cheered as he paraded himself around the stadium. He was a patrolman from Patrol Dome #7. Dome #7 won this event last war season too.

Halfway through the jumping competition a note was handed to Kenom. It read as follows: "Dear Patrolmen Kenom, We are happy that you have come to see our sporting event. For the first time in seven war seasons our dome has a competitor in the running competition that has a good chance of winning. My lords would be ever so grateful if you would join us in our box to watch the competition. If you will honor us, Lord Clay will escort you to our box. Your faithful servant, Flexmaster Tsubo. Kenom looked at Enew, "Shall we go?" he asked. "You go," said Enew, "I want to watch the running on my monitor." Kenom looked over at the Commander, "Go," he said, "it will be good public relations." Kenom nodded and went over to where Fleck-lord Clayy was waiting. "It will be my pleasure to join Master Tsubo." he said. Commander Finon turned to Enew and said, "Kenom will make a fine politician, he will go far. You are wise to remain his good friend." Enew just smiled.

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