#3 Body Coverings - War Domes

Book of Art June 18, 2009

Enew would have preferred to go to the war dome on Planet Lectroy where all the fun games and electronic gadgets were but he knew it was out of the question since Kenom was going into politics. So he resigned himself to a bit of boredom in exchange for a chance at a front row seat in the high stakes game of politics. Besides he liked Kenom a lot and he knew that because of Kenom’s high LEB count it would make the trip interesting and maybe even fun.

Before they were scheduled to disembark for OB, Kenon and Enew had to take a War Dome Orientation class to familiarize themselves with living in a war dome and get an idea of what was expected of a Dome Patrolman. They both signed up for a three day class called, Dome Patrolmen, Duties and Obligations and another four day class called, War Dome Orientation for Planet OB. They had to learn some of the basics of inter-species co-habitation.

First of all in order for an Electro-man to commingle with Homo-sapiens the Z501 Electro-body has to be vulcanized with an organic-like material called Zemtex. Organics, especially those that have brain sizes under 1500 centimeters, are not ready to accept brains in Electro-bodies. They have a fear of mechanical looking beings. They become very hostile and would never voluntarily commingle with these “alien things” from outer space. That’s why all electro-people who travel to organic based planets, for business or patrol duty, must have their electro-bodies vulcanized with a covering that looks halfway organic.

History shows the consequence of overlooking this little detail. When a research team from the electro-people planet Verton landed on the organic planet Cleenon with no covering on their electro-bodies, the Clenons, with a brain size of approximately 1,100 cm, promptly destroyed the entire expedition and ate their brains. The Verton expedition taught everyone in the electro-body community a valuable lesson about the unstable nature of brains in organic bodies, and the need to make the Z501 electro-body more organic looking. After the attack on their expedition the Vertons began working on an organic covering for their electro-bodies to make exploring on organic, homo-sapiens populated planets, more feasible.

The first coverings were made from Velex which is an organic bi-product. These coverings didn’t pan out as the organic matter clung to the wiring and caused circuit damage. They solved the problem by using Fontex which is a more stable material made from ground up Polex. Zimmnil uses a material that their scientists developed called Zemtex . It is used almost exclusively for all their electro-body coverings because the raw material to make Zemtex is found in abundance on Zimmnil and that makes it the most cost effective material to use.

The original coverings made by the Vertons were very elaborate. They actually made each covering have a distinctive look to match the organic beings on the planet they were planning to invade. That turned out to be too expensive as well as too much work. It took way too many hours to just to get into one of these outfits. Vertons found that all the time and money wasn’t worth the trouble. As long as electro-people looked organic and had arms, legs, eyes, and a mouth, - and brought gifts, they were pretty much accepted. Now days most homo-sapiens accept that all space travelers look more or less alike, so just a good practical organic-like covering does the trick.

However, when the homo-sapiens brain size reaches around 1800 cm they begin to suspect something because, while they are limited to near space travel, it becomes obvious that those coming from deep space must have somehow overcome the organic body limitation, - but they are not certain just how it is done. Those in power that suspect a cover-up say nothing, it is a very guarded secret meant to keep harmony in the galaxy. You never know how the small brain size homo-sapiens masses are going to react if it were to be made public that it is suspected that electro-people are in their midst.

In the War Dome Orientation class Enew and Kenom learned about the history and structure of a War Deterrent Dome compound. Up until then they knew very little about them. Because they are tucked away on these small organic based planets, light years away, most Zimmnilions have never heard of them.

A war dome complex consists of a Central Dome, eight Patrol Domes and eight Mini-Domes. They are all connected by a series of underground tunnels. Inside the tunnels are small four passenger Dome Shuttles that run throughout the tunnels on steel tracks. The layout of the entire dome is like a wheel with the Central Dome being at the hub. The Patrol Domes which house the Neutron Blaster Guns, have connecting tunnels which make up the first ring of the wheel. The outer ring is made up of eight Mini-Domes connected by a long circular tunnel around the perimeter which has hundreds of small-arms firing ports.

During “War Season,“ the Patrol Dome on OB is manned by, 400 Planet Patrolmen from Zimmnil, about 450 homo-sapiens, from nearby planet Flexkon , and a small contingent of around twenty Godforce believing Plutons, who are electro-men from planet Pluton. The Central Dome houses the large Neutron Blaster Generators that supply the power for the Neutron Blaster guns. It is also Planet Patrol command headquarters as well as the electronic control center for the entire compound.

There are five floors in Central Dome. Floor one is the called the Flexton Gaming Floor. It is also the main tunnel shuttle transfer station. Flextons are allowed complete access to this floor. Floor two is called the Power Floor because it is the floor where you find the Neutron Generators. This floor is restricted. This floor is only for Electro-men. No Flextons are allowed. Floor three is the main computer room with hundreds of electro-cubicles. This is also where you find the Patrolmen electro-shut-down dormitories. There are a few Flextons allowed on this floor, mainly for cleaning and maintenance. Floor four is the administration floor where all the administrative work is done. A few Flextons are also allowed on this floor, again, for cleaning and maintenance. Floor five is the War Room or Command area. This floor has the Patrol commander and his staff. All decisions concerning the operation of the entire War Dome are made here. Only Zimmnilians are allowed on this floor, no exceptions.

The eight Patrol Domes in the compound are three floor domes where the Neutron Blaster Guns are located. The Neutron Blasters are on the top floor and they’re manned by four Zimmnil Blaster Patrolmen. The top floor is off limits to everyone else, even regular patrol Zimmnilons. The main floor is occupied by the Flextons. There is one Flexmaster per dome. Each Flexmaster is in charge of his dome and is independent of the other seven domes. His entourage consists of twenty-four FlekLords and thirty or so Flexmen. The Flexlords are the privileged upper-class and have a high LEB count, and as they have no war duties, they come to the dome every war season to eat, drink, talk and have a good time. They always throw lavishly parties. No one objects since their planet is paying the bills.

The Flexmen are the worker bees of the dome. They are mostly lower LEB men who do all the cooking, cleaning, and dome maintenance.

On the perimeter there are eight Mini-domes. These domes were originally observation posts set up as an early warning system to alert Central Dome of an impending attack from near space or from a ground attack. These days they are not used because there is no threat. There is nothing to observe but the landscape of OB. These domes are seldom occupied because of their isolation. They can be occupied by anyone from Zimmnil providing they have permission from Galaxy Control Center and the Patrol Dome Commander. Mostly artists, writers and thinkers ask to use these mini-domes because it is quiet and the view is spectacular.

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